Mel takes the British title!

Fantastic performance at this year’s Shotokan Cup.

At only 16 years of age Meleri Pryse had a large task ahead of her after moving up a category this year to compete in the Ladies Under 21s Kata event. Surprising her opposition she stormed through the preliminary rounds with the top scores.  Entering the finals as one of the favourites Meleri performed a brilliant rendition of  Gankaku, taking the British title at her first attempt!

Steven Bailey had perhaps an even tougher challenge.  Moving up to the 18+ Men’s event having just turned 18 the day before meant Steve was the youngest in his category.  To make matters harder this event also consisted of the current World Champ, the European Champ and two other international medallists.  With a superb performance of Gojushiho Dai in the semi finals Steve missed out of the medals by the smallest margin possible (just 0.1 point!).  Being that close really shows that Steve has got what it takes to take on the very best.  Watch this space!

The others in brief…

Kat fought well, nearly beating a 4th Dan and had the courage to take on Kanku Dai in the eliminations.  Colin went toe to toe with someone twice his size and Mark rocked out a tidy Heian Godan and faced last year’s kumite champ without flinching.

All in all a good weekend, even if we did have our hotel double booked and had to drive an extra 20 minutes to get to Mansfield.

Big thanks also to Mark for driving all the way there and back.

Go Team Ikkyo!!

Apologies for the quality of the videos, there’s some skipping.  My new camera is supposed to be able to take photos and video at the same time but the SD card looks like it’s on its last legs.  I’ll look into getting a new one.  Sensei Paul