ESKA European Championships – Protugal

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Mel’s European Championship medals – Silver for Cadet individual Kata and Bronze for Junior Team Kumite

Congratulations to Meleri Pryse and Steven Bailey from Ikkyo Aberystwyth Karate Club! Both students were selected to represent Wales in the European Championships, which took place in Portugal. They travelled with their Chief Instructor, Welsh Squad Kata Coach Paul James on Thursday 21st of November to spend a day training before the competition started on Friday 22nd of November.  Competition was fierce on the first day, with Meleri Pryse winning round after round before finally winning a hard-fought place in the final. She performed a near-perfect rendition of Gankaku, eventually taking home the silver. She was also a member of the Ladies Team Kumite (fighting) event, who all fought well, winning a place in the finals. They were eventually beaten by the host country’s team, despite a very strong showing, and won the bronze medal.

On the second day, fighting spirits were even higher, and it was the turn of Steven Bailey. He won a number of rounds in the Junior Male Kata event, before facing the current Junior World Champion Sam Biranvand from Sweden during the final round on his area. Winning this round would have taken him to the Semi Finals. Unfortunately, Steven’s competitor was on form again, beating everyone in the competition and regaining his European title for a second consecutive year.

Competitors are permitted to enter the category above as well as their own. Meleri, despite being a cadet, bravely entered the Junior Female Kata event and gave an incredible performance, eventually placing 6th overall in the competition narrowly missing out on the finals by just 0.3 points.

Steven also entered the senior category, performing well in the Senior Male Kata event, unfortunately meeting the current senior World Champion Hisham Saif in the second round.  A string of unlucky draws for Steven but some great performances none the less and at his rate of improvement he’ll be closing in on his rivals very soon.

Both students train incredibly hard as we’re sure you already know, and their accomplishments just show how dedication and hard training pay off.

Click through to watch the videos:

DSCF0643 cadet kata Meleri

DSCF0644 cadet kata Hannah

DSCF0645 cadet kata Meleri

DSCF0646 cadet kata Meleri

DSCF0647 cadet team kumite Hannah–gw

DSCF0648 cadet team kumite Kirsty

DSCF0649 cadet team kumite Kirsty

DSCF0650 cadet team kumite Kirsty

DSCF0651 cadet team kumite Meleri

DSCF0652 cadet kata final Meleri

DSCF0653 cadet Kata final Germany

DSCF0710 junior kata Lauren

DSCF0711 junior kata Meleri

DSCF0712 junior kata Steve

DSCF0713 junior kata Stefan

DSCF0714 junior kata Steve

DSCF0715 junior kata Lloyd

DSCF0716 junior kata Lloyd

DSCF0717 junior kata Lloyd

DSCF0718 junior kata Meleri

DSCF0719 junior kata Lloyd

DSCF0720 junior kata Germany

DSCF0721 junior kata Portugal

DSCF0722 junior kata Sweden

DSCF0743 senior kata Lucy

DSCF0744 senior kata Lauren

DSCF0745 senior kata Kirstie

DSCF0746 senior kata Sefan

DSCF0747 senior kata Mark

DSCF0748 senior kata Lloyd

DSCF0749 senior kata Mark

DSCF0750 senior kata Lloyd

DSCF0751 senior kata Lloyd

DSCF0752 senior kata semi finals 1

DSCF0753 senior kata semi finals 2

DSCF0755 senior kata semi finals 3

DSCF0757 senior kata semi finals 4

DSCF0759 senior kata semi finals 5

DSCF0761 senior kata semi finals 6

DSCF0763 senior kata semi finals 7

DSCF0765 senior kata semi finals 8

DSCF0767 senior ladies kumite Lucy

DSCF0768 senior ladies kumite Kirstie

DSCF0769 senior ladies kumite Lauren

DSCF0770 senior mens kumite Jordan

DSCF0771 senior mens kumite Pip

DSCF0772 senior mens kumite Ross

DSCF0773 senior mens kumite Calum

DSCF0774 senior mens kumite Matt

DSCF0775 senior kata final

DSCF0776 senior kata final

DSCF0777 senior kata final

DSCF0778 senior kata final

DSCF0779 senior kata final