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How to register….

follow the link below and type in your:

  • Username of choice
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then click the “Register” button.

You will receive an email containing your username and unique password (you may change this password to something more memorable once you’ve logged in).

SUBJECT: [Ikkyo Dojo : AberKarate] Your username and password
FROM: WordPress <wordpress@aberkarate.co.uk>
Username: Paul James
Password: LsvIMde4QAK3



Your details will be emailed to one of the Sensei who will verify that you are indeed an Ikkyo member.

Once you have been verified you will receive an email confirming  that your account has been approved.

SUBJECT: Account Confirmation: Ikkyo Dojo : AberKarate
FROM: Ikkyo Dojo : AberKarate <info@aberkarate.co.uk>
You account has been approved by an administrator!
Login @ http://aberkarate.co.uk/v2/wp-login.php
This message is auto generated 


And that’s it :D


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If you have difficulty with registering please contact us .