North West Open – Atherton

Congratulations to Anya Edwardes, Christopher Davies, Mark Reading, Meleri Pryse, Rosie Reading and Steven Bailey who competed on Saturday 10th March in Atherton! Everyone did well, with Anya Edwardes winning first place in Team Kata; Christopher getting 2nd place in Gohon Kumite; Mark getting 2nd place in Kumite; Meleri winning first place in Team Kata, first place in Ippon Kumite and 4th place in Kata; and Steven winning first place in Team Kata.

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North West Open 2011

Congratulations to everyone who competed at the North West Open! Well done to Steven Bailey, Anya Edwardes, Rosie Reading, Meleri Pryse and Colin Ferguson who, along with 9 of our University Club members, all competed at the North West Open in Atherton. A special congratulations to:
Meleri Pryse who won Gold in Five Step Kumite, Gold in Ippon Kumite and Bronze in Ladies Kumite;
Anya Edwardes who won Silver in Five Step Kumite and Silver in Ippon Kumite; and
Our University Team Kata made up of Tyrone Robinson, Timothy Hudson and Kerry Thomas, who won 4th place in the Mixed Team Kata event.

North West Open 2010

No Golds but a good day nevertheless

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