Aber Uni Karate Club

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start Thursday 25th September

All levels
Thursday 7.45-9.30pm
Sunday 12.00-2.00pm

Informal Class
Saturday 9.00-10.30

Sports Centre
University Campus
SY23 3AR

Extra Classes at our Penweddig Dojo
18.00-19.30 Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri

Hi there, and welcome to Aber Uni Karate Club . We’re a friendly, open and respected Shotokan Karate Club, part of the Ikkyo Dojo group headed by Sensei Paul James.

Being the University Karate club means than not only do we get access to the excellent university sports facilities but also the vast majority of our members are university students. This makes for a highly social club with a couple of after-training socials every other week. The Club also takes part in Tournaments where we are regularly successful and carry a good reputation with other clubs around the UK. Sensei Paul James has been instructing at the University Club for over 20 years, in that time not only has he lead a successful club but also attained some significant accolades which include World Kata Champion, 20 times Welsh Champion and being awarded the rank of 5th Dan by the KUGB. Recently Sensei Paul was appointed Kata Coach for the KUGB Wales Squad and Team.


Committee 2013/14

President – Christian Dickenson
Secretary – Anna Newbold
Treasurer – Owain Jones
Competition Secretary – Jonathan Eve
Publicity Officer – Sarah Turner
Social Secretaries – Anna Newbold and Sarah Turner
H&S Officer – Jonathan Eve


What is Karate?
Karate is a Japanese method of unarmed self-defence. The name comes from ‘Kara’ meaning empty and ‘Te’ meaning hand.


What is Shotokan Karate?
Shotokan is a style of Karate, which emphasises a balanced development of speed, strength and range of techniques. The Shotokan style was originated by an Okinawan teacher of physical education, Funakoshi Gichin, who introduced it to Japan in 1922, where it was developed extensively by the Japanese Master, Masatoshi Nakayama.

Can anyone practice karate?
Karate can be practiced by men, women and children. Anyone who is in reasonable health can train at karate. Karate students will improve their self-awareness, self-confidence and self-esteem. [Those with health problems should consult the instructors about their approach to training.]

Can novices join?
YES, most definitely! We regularly recruit a large number of complete beginners throughout the year. So if you’ve always fancied having a go but never got round to it this will be the perfect opportunity with our classes that are geared towards all abilities. Who knows, one day you could become a blackbelt!

What do I need to get started?
You’ll need a Sporty Card, compulsory for joining any of the University Sports Clubs, you’ll also need to register with us at the start of every class, this ensures you’re covered by our insurance.
Is it dangerous?
Not particularly. The injury risk in Karate is lower than in most other sports. All contact is controlled and the most you would expect is the occasional lump or bruise. Our classes are meant to teach Karate – thus bullies and thugs are not welcome, and you won’t find them in our classes. Karate training is generally very safe and is on the same risk level to football. Injuries if they do occur tend to be down to over enthusiastic training or not heeding to the safety advice given by our instructors.
What should I wear?
Loose casual clothing will be perfectly adequate to begin with. Once you’ve decided that karate is right for you we can supply you with a karate suit and white belt at reduced prices to club members.



Can I get my Black belt?
YES! Three years is the time the KUGB (Karate Union of Great Britain) quote as the length of time it takes to reach a level suitable for Black belt examination.

How much will it cost?
Karate is a relatively inexpensive pursuit. Pay as you go costs £1.50 per session, but if you take advantage of one of our prepay options training can cost as little as 37p per session!Done Karate before?
Irrespective of your previous experience and style you’ll find a welcome here at Aberystwyth Karate Club. Japanese, Okinawan or Korean, Traditional or Sport, no matter what style you’ve done before our highly experienced instructors will be happy to train you. There’s no “my style’s better than your style” nonsense here. Here we keep our minds open, which we believe is essential to gain a true understanding of the martial arts. All we ask is that you follow our safety rules and keep an open mind about the techniques we teach you. For those of you who wish to keep doing your styles kata’s etc but to train with us, then we will endeavor to arrange a suitable compromise.

Can I enter tournaments?
YES, and please do! Every year we attend as many competitions as possible and always look forward to the next one. For more information just ask one of our competition captains.

Do I have to enter tournaments?
No you don’t. Although participation is encouraged we realise that there is a lot more to traditional karate than sport. Self defence and fitness training that is an integral part of karate provides its own benefits. Despite the benefits, entering tournaments is voluntary. ^IMG_1494.jpg

Club grading with Sensei Poynton

 You can e-mail our current president on chd35@aber.ac.uk, or info@aberkarate.co.uk .

Beginners classes 2013

start Thursday 26th September

All levels
Thursday 19.45-21.30 in the main hall
Saturday 9.00-10.45 in the main hall

Informal Class
Sunday 12.00-14.00 in the dance room

Sports Centre
University Campus
SY23 3AR

Extra Classes at our Penweddig Dojo
18.00-19.30 Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri


Your first two lessons are FREE

Come have a go!

See us at the fresher’s fair for some one-day special deals and freebies  

University Club 2013/14 Fees

You can pay by the class, or up front for some serious savings!

Pay As You Go @ £1.50 per class.


Per semester: £27 *
Academic year: £45 *

These fees cover ALL Ikkyo sessions,  including our Honbu Dojo at Penweddig.  With up to  seven classes a week, you’ll save an absolute packet!

* includes new member discount.  For other fees see our club secretary.


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