Good luck Callum…

Wishing Callum all the best with his new life in Singapore. ┬áLet us know when you’ve got your black belt Callum :D

3 thoughts on “Good luck Callum…

  1. So great to see these pictures. No leads on a good dojo in Singapore yet – will have to get on it next week. Thanks everyone at Ikkyo.

    • Your time with us has been a pleasure. Keep us posted.

      BTW if you register on the site you will unlock Callum’s grading videos.

      • Dear Paul and Toni,

        We have finally found a dojo for Callum. He has been a few times with mixed reviews. It’s about an hour away and unfortunately the only class he can get to is 8 pm Saturday night making for a late night. But we’re hoping he will stick it out and get his black belt. There isn’t much shotokan taught here and, of course, Callum didn’t want to start from the beginning with a different kind.

        He is missing Ikkyo as are Will and I.

        All the best,
        Diana, Will and Callum