North Wales Kyu Grade Championships 2009

First of all I’d like to congratulate everybody in their efforts at the recent North Wales Kyu Grades Championships. We had a fantastic result of 4 Gold, 1 Silver and 5 Bronze.  In addition we also won two additional trophies: “Best Male Competitor” and “Best Attitude and Etiquette”.  Well done!

This year we gathered quite a large squad consisting of Toni James, Monty Thorp, Hywel Davies, Steven Bailey, Anya Edwardes, Courtney Evans, Kelsey Evans, Pete Bonser, Mike Love, Sarah Dawson, Scott Flemming, George Griffiths, Gemma Dann, Tim Hudson, Joseph Tipping, Phoebe Tipping, Chris Smart and Kim Loong. Despite this being the first competition for many of you I thought you all did very well and showed great potential for the future. I’m confident that it’s only a matter of time before every one of you will be bringing back the trophies if you haven’t done so already of course!

Also I’d particularly like to thank the Evans and Tipping families for their help and support this important event.


What we brought home….

  • Girls Individual Kumite
    • Bronze – Anya Edwardes
  • Team Kata all grades
    • Silver – Toni James, Pete Bonser and Mike Love
  • Senior Men’s Ippon Kumite
    • Gold – Mike Love
  • Senior Ladies Ippon Kumite
    • Bronze – Gemma Dann
  • Senior Men’s Kata
    • Gold – Pete Bonser
  • Junior Men’s Kumite
    • Gold – Mike Love
    • Bronze – Scott Flemming
    • Bronze – Tim Hudson
  • Senior Men’s Kumite
    • Gold – Pete Bonser
  • Senior Men’s Team Kumite
    • Bronze – Pete Bonser, Mike Love and Scott Flemming

Giving us a total of 4 Gold, 1 Silver and 5 Bronze!

If that wasn’t enough Pete Bonser was also awarded two additional trophies: “Best Male Competitor” and “Best Attitude and Etiquette”

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